Cloudinn features a full integration with multiple door locks providers. The integration allows you to manage your door locks operations straight from the PMS without the need to install any softwares.
Displays relevant information for the guest on its TV, advertise for products and outlets as well as taking order directly using the IP TV solution. It's a solution designed and developed for guest convenience and comfort.
If you are using any accounting software to keep track of your data and you do not want to change it, you shouldn't. We offer integration with countless accounting softwares that enables you to transfer all your data and keep it in one place hassle free.
In order to keep track of the guest phone call usages we offer a direct integration with various call accounting software. The integration creates an automatic billing for each call the guest makes and displays it instantly in their bill.
As technology advances mobile phones are taking over every operation possible. The guest apps allows the users to make alterations in the reservation, request items or book outlet appointments in a fast and easy way that also saves you the hassle of filling the guest data.
Tired of scanning each guest's passport and attaching it to the right guest profile? We have the perfect solution for you! With Passport Scanners applications you can scan the user's passport and link it to the right profile with one push of a button.
Instead of printing each paper to sign it, we are now allowing the guest to insert his valid digital signature without the need for papers or pens. Stay green and help the environment.