Why us ?

We want to help hoteliers around the world enhance their operations, attract more guests and meet the ever-changing demands of modern hospitality management

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Expedite Your Processes and Stay Competitive

Providing the right rates to the right markets, at the right time, is crucial to your property’s success. Rather than using a  lengthy, complex process for managing your rates, we made sure to simplify,  enhance and accelerate it for your convenience

Work Smarter With the Right Tools

You can effortlessly manage and update your rates simultaneously across all distribution channels and create flexible pricing strategies by utilizing channel specific rates, dynamic rates by occupancy and derived rates.
  • Rate Grid
  • Corporate/Channel Rates
  • Derived Rates (Supplement/Discount)
  • Dynamic Rate Rules by Occupancy
  • Restrictions (Min/Max Length of Stay, Stop Sale...)
  • Clones/Import/Export