Why us ?

We want to help hoteliers around the world enhance their operations, attract more guests and meet the ever-changing demands of modern hospitality management

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Group Bookings Made Easy

We help you benefit from this lucrative business opportunity without the hassle that usually comes with it. You can create group bookings at the click of a button and select the number of rooms, number of people in each room as well as the room types then split them.  All that can be done while also improving your guests’ experience by performing bulk check-ins and quick checkouts

Faster and Simpler Billing

We make billing for indirect bookings easier by routing respective charges of your partners’ and guests’ to their folios. Travel agencies can have a separate bill that covers the agreed upon charges while the guests’ folios will include transactions for extra services your guests use during their stay.  You can also keep track of your channel commissions like those of your OTAs, travel agencies and companies
  • Channel Commissions (Including OTAs)
  • Routing Instructions (Travel Agencies and Companies)

Optimize Your Cash Flow

Accounts receivable is often a significant drain on your business’s cash. With the proper insights, you can strategize on the best time to settle outstanding collections, ask for cash upfront from new partners, offer shorter payment terms, or increase late fees.
  • Paymasters for Group Billing
  • Integration with Accounts Receivable Module